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  • What percentage of alcohol is your liquid chalk?
    We use 70% alcohol v/v in our liquid chalk.
  • What are the ingredients of your liquid chalk?
    We use simple ingredients that maximize the efficiacy of our liquid chalk. Currently we use Alcohol (USP), Water, and Magnesium Carbonate (USP). USP - Is an ingredient grade safe for pharmaceutical use. What is really means for our liquid chalk is that we use the HIGHEST grade ingredients in our liquid chalk.
  • How should I use liquid chalk?
    Use liquid chalk only on your hands and avoid use if you have cuts! 1. Apply a small size of liquid chalk onto hands 2. rub onto palm of hands until even coat 3. Waft hands in air and watch the chalk appear onto the palm of your hands. 4. Brush off excess chalk on hands if need be. Thats it! Do not discontinue use of liquid chalk if you feel irritation starting to arise.
  • Is liquid chalk for me?
    Use our liquid chalk if any of these sound like you (Some of these can be funny): 1. My hands sweat. 2. I generally workout or rock climb in an area that is humid or in spring and summer months. 3. I need a base layer chalk that helps other chalk stick onto my hands. 4. I workout at home and want to keep my house clean and have minimal dust in my workout area! 5. My gym encourages us to bring liquid chalk. 6. I don't like people clapping their overly chalked hands in my face.
  • Can you use liquid chalk with loose chalk?
    Of course! Our liquid chalk can be used in the beggining and middle of your session or at anytime your hands become sweaty.
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