At Juncture, we are a team of passionate climbers, explorers, and fitness enthusiasts. With a combined background of chemistry, engineering, and deep understanding of manufacturing, we have created a far superior liquid chalk than anything in today's market.


Our Liquid Chalk is a cream-like texture that is smooth to the touch and sinks deep between your fingerprints for longer and better grip performance. Our proprietary formula is made responsibly in Orange County, California and not made in China. Our formula is designed to maximize moisture absorption without making your hands feel uncomfortable or over-drying. In addition when used right, our formula covers your hands and removes initial sweat, moisture, and oils from your hands. This brings the chalk closer to the skin allowing the chalk to last longer on your hands for better grip performance.

Juncture Liquid Chalk
2.7 Oz (80mL)



It's in the fine details.

We Couldn't Have Said It Better Ourselves.

"Juncture Liquid Chalk reduces the moisture on my hands, while allowing my powder chalk to stick to it and keep my hands dry. The package size is perfect for carry on luggage and the price is reasonable."

"Juncture liquid chalk is always in my bag when I go outside these days. Just one application before warming up not only helps chalk up hands initially, but also continues to keep my hands dry throughout the session. Also, the packaging is super cute!"

"Juncture Liquid Chalk does a really great job of getting into all of the cracks and crevasses in the hands that other brands do not, leaving you with dryer hands for a longer time!"

"Juncture's liquid chalk provides me with a great base for bouldering sessions. I love that the liquid chalk is able to [fully] coat every crevasse of my fingers for fine tuned crimpy projects outside."

"Wasn't a huge fan of liquid chalk until I came across... Juncture. Perfect for those hot days in the gym when powder just isn't enough."




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