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  • Jason Makarta

Climbing Gyms Are Opening and Make Sure To Bring These Essential Things

With climbing gyms starting to reopen, special precautions have taken place to keep it's members safe and abide by county laws for reopening. Climbing gyms across the US and even globally have stepped up their cleaning process. With minimizing chalk dust, intermittent cleaning, and even pushing more use of liquid chalk for it's sanitation effects as most liquid chalks contain alcohol, these are some of what gyms are using across the map, but it's not just climbing gyms that should keep it's members safe. Other climbers should keep each other safe. Here are some things you should and possibly be mandatory to bring to your local climbing gym before you climb.

Bring A Mask or Nose & Mouth Covering

A mask or nose and mouth covering is suppose to minimize aerosol and droplets that we create from talking or exhaling. Yes, bringing a mask is mandatory across the country in times of this COVID19 pandemic, but don't just bring any mask. Bring something that you could breathe in somewhat comfortably. A heavy cotton or double thick material mask may constrict your breathing. Bring a mask that is not too porous or that is rated. While we aren't a big fan of disposable masks (as they create more trash). Most of these are rated by the FDA as these masks contain a filter material.

Bring A Personal Hand Sanitizer

Some gyms have their own and are regularly stocked, but sometimes they might be out. It's a good idea to bring your own just incase that hand sanitizer station doesn't have any juice left.

Bring Your Essential Climbing Things In The Gym In One Go

Minimize foot traffic! Yes, climbers like to uproot themselves from one section of the wall to another but mainly we're sort of sedentary in one spot for a bit of time. However, going to your car to the gym frequently increases foot traffic and passing by many people on the way to the car could increase your risk if someone lied at the front counter about their COVID symptoms interview by a staff member.

Bring Your Favorite Liquid Chalk

Loose chalk may not be allowed at your gym and if it's not. It's not the end to chalk up if you need that extra friction and dry performance. With liquid chalk containing alcohol, This is one way to chalk up, send your projects, and at least have your hands clean before you climb.


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