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  • Ron Palustre

3 Gym Stereotypes You'll Frequently See At The Climbing Gym.

If you climbed in an indoor climbing gym, and you have been climbing long enough, you'll tend to recognized these three common stereotypes in your climbing gym.

The Spray Lord


Aka The Better Beta Bureaucrat. These individuals prowl the gym spraying unwanted climbing tips (beta) at new climbers and regulars alike.

You can typically spot them using biased comments like, "my beta makes this problem SO easy! It’s a warm up!” Or, yelling beta on the fly – carefully selecting which holds their protégé should/should not use. It is clear that they are not only experts in climbing, but climbing gods themselves. AMIRITE?!

The Campus King


What is technique? Surely, climbing hasn’t progressed this far with the use of one’s lower extremities...

You can find these individuals frequently cutting feet and BLASTING through routes of neighboring climbers using only their arms to pull themselves up the route. What a show off...

The Earl of Excuses


We all know that there is that one person in the climbing gym that makes all the excuses why they can't finish the problem. Mostly they say stuff like, "It's too far!" or, "I hate crimpy holds. I can't do that climb."

These are just a few of the MANY types of climbing stereotypes that you can find in your climbing gym. Got an interesting climbing stereotype? We'd like to know! Until then, happy hunting!

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