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Gyms Reopening And Liquid Chalk Is Highly Recommended

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

COVID19 might have put the world on standby for a chunk of time, but as the countries worldwide and even states in the US are starting to reopen slowly, fitness centers from climbing gyms to crossfit gyms are now demanding cleaner facilities.

While COVID19 doesn't travel on chalk dust, athletic centers such as climbing gyms and crossfit gyms are increasing their sanitation practices. And, that means no loose chalk.

Most climbing gyms have highly implemented liquid chalk use in addition to chalk balls. The idea is to minimize chalk dust and help staff members keep a cleaner facility. In addition liquid chalk contains alcohol, which would help sanitize your hands and help keep whatever you touch a little more safe to handle.

Lucky for you, Juncture's liquid chalk contains just that. With our proprietary formula, our liquid chalk controls chalk dust and helps to disinfect your hands. As an added bonus, our proprietary formula contains very small magnesium carbonate (the compound that makes chalk), which allows the chalk to stick to your hands longer and less on the holds by getting into the grooves of your hand print. Don't worry, our formula also washes off easy.

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