• Chris

Types of Liquid Chalk

Liquid chalk is used in all types of sports from golf to basket ball to your traditional chalk dependent sports such as weight lifting and rock climbing. But are all liquid chalks created equal? The answer is, no. Here are some types of liquid chalks you might encounter based on their ingredients.

The Tacky Type Liquid Chalk

Some liquid chalks have resin or some kind of tackiness ingredient to increase grip performance. While some still contain the common chalk ingredient (magnesium carbonate), a tacky ingredient or resin is added to decrease the slip feeling on your hands while the chalk is used to absorb moisture from your hands. While this seems like the best choice, your hands can feel suffocated and hot and it doesn't wash out too easily.

Non-Alcohol Liquid Chalk

Non-alcohol based liquid chalk are used for users with sensitive skin or even noses because of the sharp alcohol smell. Non-alcohol based liquid chalk are safer on skin as it causes less irritation. However, some performance benchmarks might not be present. While alcohol does dry your hands from initial moisture and strips oils from your hands, non-alcohol might leave some moisture and oils still. The chalk will usually absorb those, but if you are looking for an absolute clean base layer, this type of liquid chalk might not provide the most absolute base layer possible.

Alcohol Based Liquid Chalk

Alcohol based liquid chalk depending on percentage, removes a lot of moisture and oils from your hands. This creates a clean base layer that helps the main chalk ingredient stick longer onto your hands. The downside is that alcohol based liquid chalks can irritate your skin over time in lots of continuous uses and has a pungent smell.

Where does our Liquid Chalk reside?

Juncture's liquid chalk resides in the Alcohol based section. With 70% alcohol (v/v), this is a high enough percentage to wipe off initial moisture and oils from your hands with a perfect blend of chalk.